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Construction of Patient Toilets and Market Pavements at Akosombo

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National Competitive Tender: Available to companies registered in Ghana
Date Tender
Documents Available:
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Tender Closing Date :
Friday, May 10, 2019
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(Currency:Ghana Cedi)
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Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolis
Volta River Authority
Tender Contact Person:
The Director Engineering Services


Internally Generated Funds

Tender Description:
The scope of the Works expected to be awarded under this IFT includes but not limited to the following:

• Construction of 10 Seater Toilet facility complete with urinals, wash hand basins and water tank stand
• Supply and installation of Rambo water reservoir (6000 litres)
• Preparatory groundworks and laying of 200x100x60mm precast concrete pavement blocks on quarry dust
• Laying 200x300x1000mm kerbs
• Construction of concrete drain and refurbishment of some existing drains and other associated civil works
• Roof repair works at the Akuse Grade School, Akuse
The project is expected to be completed within Six (6) calendar months.

Special Requirements

A site visit and pre-tender meeting shall be held for all Tenderers. Eligible Tenderers are therefore required to meet at the Office of the AMC Manager at Akosombo in the Eastern Region at 11:00am on May 02, 2019. Tenders must be delivered to the Engineering Services Department Conference Room, VRA – Akuse, in the Eastern Region at or before the time specified above.

For more information about this Tender please contact:

The Director Engineering Services




0302 664941-9 Ext. 723216


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