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Public Affairs Department



Responsible for the management of all communication to the public, including all printed material, press releases, conferences and protocol.


Specific Functions, duties and responsibilities

      • Responsible for planning all Corporate Public Engagements;
      • Ensure PR campaigns are well planned and executed;
      • Commission surveys and Public Consultations on issues that pertain to public opinions on PPA’s policies and guidelines;
      • Ensure the effective publication of press releases, in-house newsletters, brochures, promotional audiovisuals, annual reports speeches and articles;
      • Ensure that information on the Authority's website is updated; and
      • Accountable for public presentations, community relations, corporate events & Media Engagements.



    Present Staff:

    • The Unit is headed by Mrs. Rhoda E. Appiah and ably assisted by Mr. Samuel K. Asante (Public Affairs Officer) and Mr. David S. Damoah (Public Affairs Officer)




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    PPA E-Bulletin November December 2017 
    PPA E-Bulletin September October 2017 
    Unit Cost Estimator and Budget Tool 
    Re-Printed Act 663 
    UPDATE: July 2017 Update of the Draft Recategorisation of Procurement Entities 
    June 2017 Update of the Draft Recategorisation of Procurement Entities 
    PPA E-Bulletin July August 2017 
    15th Update of the Common User Item Database as at March 2017 
    PPA E-Bulletin May June 2017 
    PPA E-Bulletin March April 2017 
    Update of the Draft Recategorisation of Procurement Entities 
    PPA E-Bulletin January-February 2017 


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    Common User Item PricelistOnline Procurement Planning
    Swiss Ghana Sustainable Procurement Project

    Contact Us

    Public Procurement Authority, Ghana; 6th Floor SSNIT Emporium, Airport City, Accra

    PMB 30 Ministries, Accra, GHANA:

    Tel: +233-(0)30-2765641/2;

    Fax: +233-(0)30-2765643;

    Email: info@ppaghana.org

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