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The mission of Internal Audit is to assist the Board and management of PPA in the discharge of their oversight, management and operating responsibilities through independent audits and consultations designed to evaluate and promote the system of internal controls, including effective and effecient operations.


Specific Functions:

  • Maintaining the results of audits and evaluations in the strictest confidence, subject to any legal or ethical requirements for disclosure to outside authorities;
  • Providing a written summary of internal auditing activities to the Chief Executive and the Audit Committee within 15 days of the end of each calendar month;
  • Providing a detailed report of all internal auditing activities, including a comparison of actual work performed to planned, to the Chief Executive and the Audit Committee within 30 days of the end of each quarter
  • Coordinating the total auditing effort, both internal and external, in the interest of minimizing duplicate efforts and in contributing, as far as professionally permissible, to the work of the external auditor(s) bearing in mind that final determination of the extent of such contribution rests with the external auditor(s); and
  • Communicating with the external auditor(s) on all significant matters which will be brought to the Audit Committee’s attention.


Present Staff:

  • Mr. Abdul Kaadri Zigani - Senior Internal Auditor 



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