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Design And Implementation Of Risk-Based Supervision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management Information System Platform

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PN 5/19-11-18
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Greater Accra
Accra Metropolis
Consultancy Services
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The Chief Executive Officer, National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), P. O. Box GP 22331, Accra. Ghana.



EOI Description:
The National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) is a statutory body responsible for the regulation and supervision of the pension industry in Ghana and derives its mandate from the National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766) as amended. NPRA intends to apply part of its budgetary allocation towards the payment under the contract for consultancy services, to conduct systems analysis and design for the supply, development, installation and commissioning of a Risk-Based Supervisory (RBS) system solution - a complete solution on a turnkey basis, towards the realization of the NPRA RBS system Project.

The objective is to build the requisite IT system that shall run the RBS (Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution) in a seamless integrated manner with adequate system and data security for all the modules to achieve the desired functionalities.
The complete solution includes various components such as systems analysis and design, supply, installation and commissioning of hardware, software, data conversion, data migration and systems integration of all the components. The scope of work should include but not limited to the following:

1. The Hardware component includes but not limited to the Virtual Private Server (VPS) services provided by National Information and Technology Agency (NITA) as a primary data center to setup an IT server infrastructure and database for RBS (ERP) deployment.

2. The Software component includes but not limited to the following;
A. Risk-Based Supervisory System - application software (ERP) should include:
a) Regulatory System:
i. Licensing and Registration;
ii. Standards and Compliance Management;
iii. Complaint/Grievance/Case Management (Customer Relations Management System); and
iv. Stakeholder Interactions.
b) Content Management (Electronic Document Management);
c) Accounting/Financial & Budgeting System;
d) Human Resource Management/Payroll System;
e) Inventory/Assets Management System;
f) Helpdesk/Call center Management System;
g) Learning Management;
h) Monitoring and Evaluation system; and
i) Business intelligence and Analytics.
B. Systems utilities; and

C. Software for Monitoring of System / Application software.

3. Conduct comprehensive System Requirement Study/Gap Analysis and develop a detailed System Requirement Study/Gap Analysis Document (SRSD) for review and approval by NPRA;
4. Conduct a hardware and networking needs assessment and develop an assessment report for review and approval by NPRA;
5. Produce a System Design Document (SDD) as per the approved SRSD and obtain SDD approval;
6. Develop or build the centralized web based RBS ERP MIS Platform (System Development) as per the agreed SRSD and SDD;
7. Perform Data migration of existing data available data into new system;
8. Conduct System installation, configuration on the RBS ERP MIS Virtual Private Server (VPS);
9. Conduct System testing, evaluation and commissioning of RBS ERP modules;
10. Conduct RBS ERP MIS user training for NPRA staffs at various levels including its stakeholders;
11. Obtain Operational acceptance of RBS ERP MIS Platform developed;
12. Provide on-site system warranty support services for 12 months; and
13. Provide annual technical maintenance and support services for additional 24 months.
The complete solution shall be fully operational no longer than twelve (12) months after the award of contract.
The Expression of Interest proposal shall demonstrate the Consultant's general experience in the acquisition, development, integration and implementation of the solution, work plan and approach of work, qualification and competency of personnel for the assignment.
The purpose of this exercise is to select credible, reliable and financially resourced consultants to submit tender for this project. Interested Companies must meet the minimum criteria below:
1. Profile of Consulting firm
2. Profile of Key Personnel
3. Must have a local Ghanaian partner if tenderer is a non-Ghanaian registered company.
4. The Ghanaian registered Companies shall submit valid SSNIT, GRA & VAT registration and clearance certificates.
5. Proof of Registration with the Public Procurement Authority.
6. Must have carried out at least three (3) similar verifiable projects, operating from at least thirty (30) sites;
7. A minimum of five (5) years demonstrable operational experience in similar projects, preferably in Pensions Regulatory and or other regulatory financial institutions.
8. Must have financial capability to undertake this project.
9. Must submit the audited accounts of the past 3 years.

1. A detailed System Requirement Study/Gap Analysis Document (SRSD);
2. Hardware (VPS) and networking assessment report;
3. System Design Document (SDD);
4. Build the centralized web based RBS ERP MIS Platform;
5. Prototype Demonstration;
6. Software development plan for the RBS ERP system;
7. Documentation of RBS ERP implementation plans for the entire project;
8. Installation and Testing plans;
9. User Training and Knowledge Transfer;
10. RBS ERP Technical and User Manuals; and
11. Post-implementation User Support.

Special Requirements

• All late responses will be rejected. NPRA shall not be responsible for the non-receipt of responses. No electronic submission would be accepted

For more information about this EOI please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer, National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), P. O. Box GP 22331, Accra. Ghana.




+233 (0)208168291





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