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Supply and Installation of the Pokuase Bulk Supply Point (BSP) Substation - Design-Build

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Millennium Development Authority, 3rd Floor, Heritage Tower, 6th Avenue Ridge West, Accra, Ghana


procurement@mida.gov.gh and paghana@charleskendall

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1. The Republic of Ghana and the United States of America acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation ("MCC") have entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact on August 5, 2014 under which MCC will provide funding to the Government of Ghana (the "Government"), in an amount not to exceed Four Hundred and Ninety-Eight Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$498,200,000) ("MCC Funding") to facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth (the "Compact"). Pursuant to the terms of the Compact, the Government committed to provide funding as a Government contribution to support implementation of the Compact in an amount equal to no less than seven and one-half percent (7.5%) of the amount of funding provided by MCC in the Compact (the "Government Contributions").
2. The Government of Ghana ("GoG"), acting through the Millennium Development Authority ("MiDA"), intends to apply a portion of the MCC Funding to eligible payments under a contract for which this Invitation for Bids ("IFB") is issued. Any payments made by the MCA Entity under the proposed contract will be subject, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the Compact and related documents, including restrictions on the use and distribution of MCC Funding. No party other than the Government and the MCA Entity shall derive any rights from the Compact or have any claim to the proceeds of MCC Funding. The Compact and its related documents can be found on the MCC website (www.mcc.gov) and on the website of the MiDA.
3. The goal of the Compact program is to reduce poverty through economic growth in Ghana. The objectives of the Compact program are to:

(a) Increase private sector investment and productivity and profitability of micro, small, medium and large scale businesses;

(b) Increase employment opportunities for men and women; and

(c) Raise earning potential from self-employment and improved outcomes for men and women.

The Program consists of six (6) projects: (i) the ECG Financial and Operational Turnaround Project; (ii) the NEDCo Financial and Operational Turnaround Project; (iii) the Regulatory Strengthening and Capacity Building Project; (iv) the Access Project; (v) the Power Generation Sector Improvement Project; and (vi) the Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Project.

MCC's assistance will be provided in a manner that responds to constraints to economic growth by aiming to improve the reliability and quality of power in Ghana.

The Compact Program will be executed over a period of five (5) years upon Entry into Force (EIF) of the Compact on 6th September, 2016.

4. This IFB follows the General Procurement Notice that appeared in dgMarket on and UNDB Online on 14th March, 2018, the MiDA website www.mida.gov.gh on Wednesday 14th March, 2018, and local newspapers, Business & Financial Times, Ghanaian Times and Daily Graphic on Tuesday 27th March, Friday 23rd March and Monday 19th March, 2018 respectively.

5. The Employer requests interested Bidders to submit sealed Bids (containing separate sealed envelopes for the Technical Offers and the Financial Offers) for the execution and completion of Supply and Installation of the Pokuase Bulk Supply Point (BSP) Substation - Design-Build, which is being offered based on the Schedule of Prices. All eligible Bidders are encouraged to apply. Please note that no pre-qualification has been undertaken for this procurement. The selection process, as described, includes a qualification step, which shall include a review of past performance, and a reference check and shall be subject to verification prior to the contract award.
6. A Contractor will be selected using Quality and Price Based Selection ("QPBS") procedures which modify the Competitive Selection procedures as described in this Bidding Document accompanying this Invitation for Bids. Bidders are advised that these procedures are governed by MCC Program Procurement Guidelines which can be found on the MCC website. Although these procedures are similar to those set out in the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents for Procurement of Works, Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation and Standard Request for Proposals Selection of Consultants there are several significant differences and firms are advised to review these instructions carefully.

Special Requirements

Please note that a Pre-Bid Conference will be held as described in the Bid Data Sheet ("BDS"), Section II of this Bidding Document. 8. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security included in the Financial Offer in the form and amount specified in the BDS at ITB 20.1

For more information about this EOI please contact:

Millennium Development Authority, 3rd Floor, Heritage Tower, 6th Avenue Ridge West, Accra, Ghana


procurement@mida.gov.gh and paghana@charleskendall


+233-302-666 619/621/634542 Extension 301






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