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Warehousing Facility - GHSC-PSM

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Planet House, No. 8, Third Ringway Estate, Osu, Accra



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The Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) in Ghana intends to hire services of an eligible company that can rapidly and responsively receive, store and prepare orders of pharmaceutical-grade health commodities in Ghana which may include antiretroviral medicines, antimalarial medicines and Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs), contraceptives, amongst others, in support of the GHSC-PSM project. The GHSC-PSM Program requires an estimated 2,000 pallet spaces in a facility that has pallet racking or sufficient space so that all commodities are stored off the floor and stacked no more than 1.5 meters high. The facility must be fully enclosed, temperature controlled, and built with permanent material and with a smooth concrete floor. The RFP document is available on request from the project office located at Planet House, No. 8, Third Ringway Estate, Osu, Accra.
Interested firms that have experience in temperature-controlled storage and warehousing services for health commodities must submit the following information by email to PSMGHANAProcurement@ghsc-psm.org to request a copy of the RFP: name of organization, address, point of contact, and telephone number

Special Requirements

Any contract resulting from this RFP will be financed by USAID funding and will therefore be subject to USAID regulations and approval. The RFP is open only to vendors officially registered to operate in Ghana

For more information about this EOI please contact:

Planet House, No. 8, Third Ringway Estate, Osu, Accra








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