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Individual Consultancy Services for the Development of a Viable and Financially Sustainable Public – Private Partnership (PPP) Option for Wastewater/Sludge Treatment Plant at Nungua Farms, Tema, Ghana

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Greater Accra
Accra Metropolis
Consultancy Services
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George Asiedu - Project Coordinator



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The Government of Ghana has adopted Public-Private Partnership (PPP) as a way of financing the accelerated development of a fecal sludge treatment plant at Nungua Farms near Tema. This forms part of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation and Water Project, which aims, amongst other objectives, to improve household sanitation and fecal sludge treatment in the Greater Accra metropolitan area.
There was a fecal sludge treatment plant at the proposed Nungua Farm site, but, as has been the case with all other such facilities, the lack of maintenance by local government authority responsible for managing it has resulted in the failure/breakdown of these facilities, despite the simple technology used. Rising demand means that a more compact system is now needed.
It has therefore been decided to explore the most viable and financially sustainable partnership/involvement with the private sector which may cover a combination of options for design, build and operate a new fecal sludge treatment facility at the site and replicate the experience to other similar facilities to be provided in GAMA. As it is unlikely that the full capital cost can be recovered from tipping fees and the sale of processed waste (fertilizer/soil conditioner, solid fuel etc.), the project will fund most of the capital cost, but the operator would also be expected to contribute at least some of the equity, and to cover all operation and maintenance costs from operational revenues.
A technical consultancy has recommended a capacity of 1,000m3/d of sludge, and estimates an investment cost in the order of $5m-$10M, with operational costs of about 10% of that sum, for the preferred treatment process.
It is against this background that the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) intends to pursue this project in partnership with the private sector through a PPP arrangement in accordance with the National Policy on PPPs and also the draft PPP Law.
The MLGRD thus intends to procure the services of experienced Advisors to assist it with undertaking Options Analysis leading to the selection of a viable and bankable PPP option.

Objectives of the assignment
The objective of the assignment is to assist the Government of Ghana to undertake an Options Analysis leading to the selection of a viable and bankable PPP option for the development of wastewater/sludge treatment plant at Nungua Farms, Tema-Ghana

Duration of assignment
The assignment is expected to be undertaken within a period of approximately 6 weeks.

Team Composition
The engagement of the Consultant (Advisor/PPP Specialist/Team Leader) shall be an individual or a single legal entity who shall be required to team up with all other necessary expertise to be secured via subcontract, or joint venture arrangement with the approval of the Client to enhance their capabilities, strengthen the technical responsiveness of their proposals, make available bigger pools of experts, and enhance the value and quality of their services. Foreign Firms/Individuals must familiarize themselves with local conditions and laws and take them into account in preparing their proposals.

The indicative/suggestive list of other necessary expertise that may be required for the assignment includes (but not limited to):
a. An Engineer (Civil/Structures)
b. Legal Specialist
c. Environmental and social Specialist
(The above is only suggestive and that the Advisor is expected/required to decide on the most appropriate team that will ensure that all functions and expertise areas are included. The detailed qualification and experience required of the suggestive list of other expertise are provided in the Terms of Reference).

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development now invites proposal from eligible Individual Consultants and their proposed team of experts, to indicate interest in providing the Services as indicated above by submitting their curricula vitae towards selection for the assignment. Interested Individual Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications, relevant experience and ability to assemble competent team to perform the Services.

Advisory Services/PPP Specialist/ Team Leader. The PPP Specialist/Team Leader is expected to have minimum of a Master's Degree in economics, law, finance, engineering, development, business administration, management or a relevant discipline. An interdisciplinary background is desirable and be fully conversant with all aspects of PPP. She/he will be the Team Leader with the overall responsibility of directing and coordinating the inputs of the other specialists, overall quality control and performance of the team, ensuring outputs expected, professional integrity and conduct of the team. She/he will provide guidance on the major issues for negotiation of the PPP arrangement and assist in the negotiations. The Team Leader will spend at least 40% to 55% of his/her time in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It is anticipated that the skills and expertise required for this assignment will include the following:
• At least 15 years relevant experience in terms of successfully leading and coordinating team of professionals in similar assignments within a complex multi-cultural and cross-sectoral environment;
• Minimum of 10 years of demonstrated experience in preparation and structuring of PPP projects providing Advisory services/development of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) as PPP. Preferably have needs and options analysis and project structuring of at least 2 PPP projects including WWTP PPPs within the last 10 years;
• Demonstrated ability to work with government/public sector decision-makers and organizations alike;
• Knowledge of relevant national policies, legislation, institutional, & regulatory frameworks for PPPs;
• Strong oral and written communication skills in English language with a capacity to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, including conducting periodic presentations;
• Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively & a strong team player with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a high profile environment; and
• Experience with working in developing countries.

The Selection
The client will enter into a single contract for the delivery of the work set out in these Terms of Reference. Only one (1) individual Lead Advisor/PPP Specialist shall finally be selected to perform the Services. The lead advisor will then constitute the advisory team, each member of which shall be approved by the Client per the requirement of the TOR. The lead Advisor shall be held accountable, in terms of the Advisor contract, for ensuring project deliverables and for the professional conduct and integrity of the team.

The selection will be carried through competition among qualified short-listed individuals in which the selection will be based on the 'Individual Consulting Services selection criteria in accordance with the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers" dated January 2011 and revised July 2014". The Curriculum Vitae of Individuals having the required experience and competence relevant to the assignment shall be assessed and compared, and the best qualified and experienced individuals shall be selected.

Approval of other necessary expertise
Following selection of the Lead Advisor, the members of the Advisory team must also be approved by the Client as per the TOR for the assignment and must personally be available to do the work.

The application for EXPRESSION OF INTERESTS comprising Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Lead Advisor and the Proposed Team (including CVs of the proposed advisory team) as well as FINANCIAL PROPOSAL (for negotiation purposes only) must be delivered to the address below by March 22, 2017 at 16.00pm

Further information including the Term of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be obtained at the given address below during office hours between 9.00 to 16.00 hours during the week days.

The Project Coordinating Unit
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
Location: Within the Premises of Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS)
Ogbojo, near Madina New Road Estate — Accra, Ghana.
Email: soteng@lgpcu.org
Tel. +233 (302)504739/40; Mob. +233 (0507443161)

Special Requirements

For more information about this EOI please contact:

George Asiedu - Project Coordinator









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