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30 KVA UPS System

30 KVA UPS Systems

Business and Law Books ( Various)

Fixed Steel Frame Chairs with Solid Plastic Buckets

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Online Procurement Planning
Common User Items Average Price List
The Swiss-Ghana Sustainable Public Procurement Project (SPP)
Ghana Trade - Local Products and Services
A view of the front of the new Public Procurement Authority offices in Ringway Estates, Accra
A view of the front of the new Public Procurement Authority offices in Ringway Estates, Accra

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The Swiss-Ghana Sustainable Public Procurement Project (SPP)
Description New Proposed Standard Tender Documents (STDs)
PPA Ghana
The PPA has taken the initiative to review the Standard Tender Documents (STDs) in accordance with emerging trends and international best practice with support from SECO. Stakeholders are encouraged to review and give their comments which will be considered for possible incorporation in the final document. Please click HERE to get the documents  MORE

Description NEW: Update of Common User Items Database
PPA Ghana
PPA has updated the database of Common User Items prices as at April 2014 to assist in the work of procurement entities. Click HERE to Search the Average Price List Database The full list can also be downloaded in Adobe PDF Format HERE  MORE

The cover of the PPA E-Bulletin for September-October edition 2014
NEW: PPA E-Bulletin for Sept-Oct posted to site
PPA Public Affairs | September 1, 2014
The focus of the September-October PPA E-Bulletin is Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). SPP is about spending public funds on products/services/projects that achieve value for money on a whole life basis. It seeks to generate benefits not only for an organization but also to SOCIETY and the ECONOMY, while minimizing damage to the ENVIRONMENT to ensure sustainable development. The document can be accessed HERE or in the main E-Bulletin section. MORE
NEW Resolved Appeal and Complaint Cases
Important Public Caution:

The Public Procurement Board or Authority does NOT:

  • Procure for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity.
  • Award any contract for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity.
  • Invite tenders for or on behalf of any Governmental Entity. 

The General Public and all visitors to our Website are hereby advised to disregard any correspondence purported to be coming from the Board or any member of the Public Procurement Authority in relation to the above activities.
Thank you. 

ALERT!! Fictitious Procurement Organisations
PPA Public Relations
It has come to the attention of the Public Procurement Authority-Ghana that certain fictitious organizations are awarding contracts on behalf of the Government of Ghana. Notable among them are:
• Ghana Procurement Service with website and
• Ghana Tender Board with website
• Bureau of Public & Contract Commission Authority with website
These have nothing to do with Ghana government procurement.Anyone who deals with them does so at his or her own risk. MORE

Mission Statement of the Public Procurement Authority

To harmonise the process of procurement in the public service to secure a judicious, economic, and efficient use of public funds to ensure that public procurement is carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner while promoting a competitive Local Industry.
Vision of the Public Procurement Authority
A world-class, efficient, transparent, accountable and professionally managed public sector procurement system in Ghana, which enjoys high level of business confidence, and ensures consistent attainment of best value for money in the procurement of goods, works and services, in support of national development and fiscal policies.

Public Procurement Authority, Ghana; No. E113/2 Ringway Estates, Osu (behind Country Kitchen restaurant), PMB 30 Ministries, Accra, GHANA: Tel: +233-(0)30-2765641/2; Fax: +233-(0)30-2765643; Email: or
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