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Construction of 1-No 2-Storey 40 Lockable Stores at Ho-Lorry Station, Koforidua.
Supply of Non-Medicine Consumables, Dental, Laboratory and Other Diagnostic Items.
Supply of Medical Oxygen and Registration of Suppliers for Maintenance items
Construction of Ferry Landing Facilities at three (3) Ferry Sites at Dambai, Dambai Overbank, and Kete Krachi Overbank and Rehabilitation of Landing sites at Agordeke, Yeji, Makango, Kete-Krachi along


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The Public Procurement Authority (PPA) is required by Section 3(p) of the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (act 663) to “maintain a database of Suppliers, Contractors, Consultants and a record of prices to assist in the work of procurement entities.

In fulfillment of this mandate, PPA collated a list of items procured by Entities.  This list known as the Common User Items is published here with average prices.  These prices are meant to be indicative prices and do not serve as the mandatory prices that the items should be purchased at.

There is also the likelihood that at the time of procurement the prices would have changed. The PPA intends to update these prices periodically at least once in a year.

Procuring Entities are encouraged to make reference to this list when preparing procurement Plans and during tender evaluation to ensure that realistic prices are being offered.




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